Welcome to the Guajira, a huge expanse of some of the driest, most isolated and inhospitable dry forest and desertic no man's land on the planet, one of our most exotic tours in Colombia. 

While travelling through the Guajira it's hard to believe that you are only a couple of hours flight time to major points of civilization such as Miami or Bogotá; you might as well be in the Australian outback, the Sahara, or Mars.

Our Guajira expedition is true to its word, an expedition in all the sense, a journey that requires the utmost attention in planning, preparing and execution.


You will be travelling into a lost world speckled by the sporadic "rancheria" of Wayuu indians that live off of goat herding. There will be desert eagles circling in the sky, dust storms coming out of nowhere, sand dunes that reach the sea, pink flamingos feeding in secret coves, a cloud forest in the middle of the desert, amazing sunsets, star filled nights, and lots of adventure.


The Guajira expedition requires good physical condition, it is not for the faint of heart. But what it lacks in luxuries and creature comforts it totally makes up for in unforgettable photos and memories. 




Cost is  2,720,000 pesos per person (1,800 USD) Min 2, Max 4














Day 1: Cartagena 6 am - Tayrona by lunch time.


Clients are picked up in Cartagena at 6 am for a 230 km

(143 miles) 4 hour drive skirting the dazzling Caribbean ocean on

an ocean side rode that passes through the port cities of

Barranquilla and Santa Marta until reaching Tayrona Park. 


WikipediaThe Tayrona National Natural Park (Spanish: Parque

Nacional Natural Tayrona) is a protected area in the Colombian 

northern Caribbean region and within the jurisdiction of the Department 

of Magdalena and 34 kilometres (21 mi) from the city of Santa Marta. The park

presents a biodiversity endemic to the area of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range presenting a variety of climates (mountain climate) and geography that ranges from arid sea level to 900 meters above sea level. The park covers approximately 30 square kilometres (12 sq mi) of

maritime area in the Caribbean sea and approximately 150 square kilometres (58 sq mi) of land.


This park and area has pristine beaches with rivers that flow into it from the highest ranges of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta that you can follow upstream into the beautiful dense tropical rain forests.


We have lunch in Tayrona park, spend the rest of the afternoon, and then leave to have dinner and sleep at a beach side resort. 


Day 2: Breakfast at resort, enjoy morning by the pool and beach, then noon departure to Cabo De La Vela, 4.5 hours 293 km (182 miles) where on the way we will pass through places like the capital of the state of la Guajira, Riohacha, the salt lagoons of Manaure, and Wayú indigenous tribe capital Uriibia. It is a 4.5 hour straight away drive but we will arrive by nightfall because we will be stopping and sightseeing all the way. Sleep Cabo de la Vela in beachside hammocks.


Day 3: Sightseeing in Cabo. Cabo de la Vela is a sublime beach and desert village on the Caribbean cost of la Guajira. It's tranquility and simple way of life of its inhabitants enchants all visitors. Interesting points to see are a small mountain called Pilón de Azucar which is sacred to the native Wayuu, they believe it is the place the spirits of their ancestors inhabit. There's also the daily ritual of watching the sun set at the Cabo de la Vela lighthouse.

Things to do in Cabo are swim, snorkel, kitesurf lessons and explore the surroundings.

Day 4: Cabo de la Vela - Punta Gallinas 6 am departure. The distance is only 129 kms (80 miles) but the straightforward drive time is 5-6 hours. It takes so long because out here roads are merely a suggestion, we will be driving through the desert, all the time seeing wonders of the Guajira desert. We arrive at Punta Gallinas to have lunch at Luz Mila's hammock and Breakfast, afterwards we go on a boat tour of the bay -Bahia Honditas- to see pink flamingos and sharks.


Day 5: Punta Gallinas early morning departure for the 3 hour drive to the town of Nazareth and the Macuira National Park.


Day 6: 8 am departure from Nazareth in our vehicles or we can arrange a Bell 206 B3 helicopter for a 1.5 hour return flight to Barranquilla airport with a 6 minute low level fly-over Ciudad Perdida, (this is optional and not included), end of tour. 

Unidos por la prevención de la Explotación Sexual Comercial de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes ESCNNA 


Guanabana Tours rejects exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and all forms of sexual abuse of minors and contributes to enforcement of law 1336 of 2009

Ley 1608 de 1978 

Regula la preservación, protección, conservación, restauración y fomento de la fauna silvestre


Guanabana Tours adheres to law 1608 of 1978 that regulates preservation, protection, conservation of wildlife and is against illegal wildlife trade

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