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Calima lake is a man made lake in Colombia. It is a one and a half hour drive from the city of Cali in the southwest region of Colombia. The lake is 1,500 meters above sea level and a popular weekend and holiday leisure destination that attracts national and international tourists due to its cooler than Cali temperature and stunningly beautiful settings.

It is also well known for its water sports, and it is the best inland place in Colombia to learn and practice kitesurf due to its constant year round strong winds that sometimes reach up to 30 knots, and with Guanabana Tours kite camp you also add in a bunch of more activities like paragliding, mountain biking and horseback riding!

Many afternoons you get a heavy fog called El Brujo rolling over the lake, making the kitesurfing more mystical and fun!

If you are an experienced kitesurfer you will definitely want to check Calima lake out, the surfing is epic, the area is beautiful, there is a small town called Darien for all and any supplies and some great spots to kitesurf and hangout with local kitesurfers.

If you want to learn to kitesurf then this is a great place to do it. We offer 2 to 4 day kitesurf camps where we dedicate 2 hours water time a day to the kitesurf course, the rest of the time is also centered around kitesurf but there are also other leisure activities in the area like mountain biking, paragliding, trekking and horseback riding.

Cost per day for kite camp is 750,000 COP.

All gear provided, food, lodging, transportation from Cali or airport to Calima lake and back, transportation from lodgings to the kitesurf spot, safety boat during lessons, IKO certification at end of course, a paragliding flight (if weather permits), horseback and mountain bike tour included.

2 day course covers all safety, kite control and water start techniques, plus theoretical classes on ground. Cost 1,500,000 COP.

3 day course you will be standing up on board and navigating over beautiful Calima lake. Cost 2,250,000 COP.

4 day course adds more advanced water navigating skills plus upwind legs. Cost 3,000,000 COP.

These rates are per person, double occupancy, and are all inclusive with food and lodging plus leisure activities.

Day 1. 

We pick you up in Cali in the morning 8 am and drive 1.5 hours to Calima lake to get you started with your first day of kitesurfing lessons with introduction to equipment, theory, 2 hours water time with instructor in the water with you and dedicated boat by your side. During your first lesson you will practice water launching the kite and“body-dragging”, learning how to work the power zone of the kite allowing it to “drag” you through the water face down with an instructor always with you and practice board recuperation (how to “drag” yourself to your board when you have lost it). Afterwards a little exploring of the town Darién and sleeping in small country house.


Day 2.

Early rise for 7 am breakfast and we head out 8:30 to go do paragliding. The 4x4 ride up to paragliding spot itself is a fun ride up a narrow trail through thick jungle bush. The view of the lake from the top is breathtaking, the paragliding flight a beautiful smooth ride to landing spot lakeside. After lunch the wind starts picking up to continue with kitesurf lesson.  A bit of body-dragging to recap on first day's kite control lesson, then introduction to the board where you will practice fitting feet on the board in the water while kite is in the water, water launching the kite, and then powering the kite while holding the water start position. After kitesurf leisure time in the area.


Day 3.

Early rise for breakfast and we set off to do a cool gravity assisted downslope dirt offroad mountain bike ride deep down into the jungle with a short trek to a waterfall. Afterwhich and after lunch kitesurf lessons in the afternoon where you will start where you left off the day before and progress to practicing standing up on the board.


Day 4.

Early rise for breakfast, then we set off to go horseback riding through backtrails and creeks. Afterwards we have lunch and then continue to do kitesurfing where from now on is a continuing process of progression from standing up on the board and navigating. First it will probably be short downwind distances aimed towards increasing skills and confidence for longer distances. As in each and every lesson a dedicated private instructor and motorboat will always be there right with you. 5 pm 1.5 hour drive back to Cali.

Unidos por la prevención de la Explotación Sexual Comercial de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes ESCNNA 


Guanabana Tours rejects exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and all forms of sexual abuse of minors and contributes to enforcement of law 1336 of 2009

Ley 1608 de 1978 

Regula la preservación, protección, conservación, restauración y fomento de la fauna silvestre


Guanabana Tours adheres to law 1608 of 1978 that regulates preservation, protection, conservation of wildlife and is against illegal wildlife trade

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