The car door slamming thing explained (taxis)

As lots of foreign travellers quickly notice in Colombia, taxi drivers do not like how they close their doors.


Either they get very upset after the fact or don't allow the tourist to close their doors at all, instead opting for a Don't-worry-don't-worry-I'll-do-it maneuver, leaning and wriggling inside their taxi to close the doors themselves. It's not that they're cranky or being overly nice, there's a logical explanation for this odd behaviour, one which Guanabana Tours scientific research team has finally discovered.


For whatever technical and design reasons that may be, car doors are heavier in North America and Europe and other areas of the world.


From the age of five you have probably memorised the amount of force to use closing such heavier doors, and when you apply that same amount of force on a flimsy tuna can taxi door here after you get out, you better believe it, it's one hell of a slam!


Hence the pissed off taxi driver syndrome in a nutshell.


Don't believe us? Just observe any Colombian when he is visiting North America or Europe and see how many times he has to attempt to close a car door before he gets it right, at least three!


So please, go easy on the taxi doors and be gentle, make a taxi driver's day!

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