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Overlanding is self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the JOURNEY IS THE PRINCIPAL GOAL.



​There is so much to see and  experience in the land between the major cities, stopping at your leisure to meet the folks and interact, take detours and backroads through small towns and villages where the tourist has never been, and really get to see the real country and so many of its different angles.


Just watch the documentary Colombia Wild Magic on YouTube and prepare to be blown away, and just tell us where you want to go and what you want to see from this documentary and we will do it, we will take you to the magic.

Explore with us far out primitive areas such as the northernmost tip of Colombia through the inhospitable Guajira desert and meet the indigenous Wayuu tribes or up to the high snowy peaks of the rugged Andes mountains or deep into forest mountains to see the anthropomorphic monoliths sculpted by a mysterious lost civilization or the Putumayo jungle on the border with Ecuador to the End-of-the-World waterfalls… the list of possibilities is endless!


Here are some of our tours.  Itineraries for reference since they can be adjusted at any moment during tour due to the nature of these tours, unforeseens such as traffic, weather, or just because while on track we hear of a new place to go explore and we all agree on a detour. 


All our tours include land travel in modern 4x4 SUVs, top notch accommodations as available, meals, and English speaking driver/guides.

Some tours can have legs that will be on plane, helicopter or boats, both commercial or charter.

All tours are min 2 persons, maximum 5 per vehicle. 

These tours vary a lot in accommodations and amenities; one night may be very spartan peasant home and the next night ultra posh digs.

These tours are not for the faint of heart, especially the longer more outback ones where patience and willingness to adapt to changes are indispensable.


These tours involve long drives (up to 6 hours on  occasions). 


A positive attitude is imperative. We pull out all the stops and go top of the line in organising, locations, transportation, equipment, accommodations and staff, yet each trip is a unique adventure in a different culture where things might not work exactly like things do in other parts of the world so it should be understood that this is part of the cultural experience and interaction of our overlanding tours and we must keep an open mind, look at the bright side, carry on and remember we're not in Kansas anymore, we are over the rainbow.


We love to show the deep Colombia, the magical, mystical, friendly and beautiful Colombia, the lost Colombia. 


Now is the moment to come and explore while there are still so many places to discover away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist traps of the world.


Colombia has just now signed a peace agreement with the FARC guerrillas ending a 50 year conflict and this has opened up territories not even Colombians have had a chance to visit, and we invite you to come and explore them with us, we will even have ex FARC guerrillas as our government certified guides in some areas. 

More tours coming up, for more info on these or taylor made tours please contact us.

Unidos por la prevención de la Explotación Sexual Comercial de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes ESCNNA 


Guanabana Tours rejects exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and all forms of sexual abuse of minors and contributes to enforcement of law 1336 of 2009

Ley 1608 de 1978 

Regula la preservación, protección, conservación, restauración y fomento de la fauna silvestre


Guanabana Tours adheres to law 1608 of 1978 that regulates preservation, protection, conservation of wildlife and is against illegal wildlife trade

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