Price List & Rules of Engagement

All prices are per person. 


All bundled tour prices are prices for multiple activities that take place during the same day.


Some tours are min 2 pax, others 3 pax, the rest max 5, with the exception of The Forgotten Road & Rafting (max 10+).


If you are alone we can join you with other/s..


We take pesos, credit cards (No Amex) and USD at street money house exchange rates. 


All bookings are not finalised until payment has been made, received and confirmed by us.


Tours must be paid in full at moment of pick up.


Our cancellation policy is as follows:

30+ days until tour date .......... 85%

30-20 days until tour date ....... 75%

20-10 days until tour date ....... 65%

10 days-48 hrs till tour date .... 50%

Less than 48 hours ..................... 0%


All our tours include pick-up and drop-off at your place of residence or pre-agreed destination by English speaking drivers and guides in SUVs.


Note: Our drivers and guides have varied levels of English skill, Colombia is a place that stands out for being one of the least English speaking countries in the world. Some might be very adept at fluent conversation and storytelling, others not, but they are all guaranteed to have good enough English to easily communicate and take care of all needs, are always in touch with HQ, and are trained in Guanabana Tours responsibility and punctuality model to get you to all destinations of your itinerary on time -bar unforeseens and acts of God- where more English speaking staff await you. Ours are sightseeing and adventure tours, not historical or cultural tours, but you will always have an English speaking team member by you.


Our tours are adventure tours in the outdoors and we accept all bookings with the understanding that every person booking a tour acknowledges all risks and hazards related to the nature of outdoor adventure and adrenaline sports and accepts and assumes that he/she is booking on his/her own volition and further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Guanabana Tours S.A.S., its employees, agents, officers, from and against any and all liability incurred as a result of or in any manner related to his/her participation in the activities.

Paragliding ... 250,000 COP


Rafting ... 390,000 COP


Canyoning ... 325,000 COP


ATV 1.5 hour... 330,000 COP 


ATV 3.0 hour ... 430,000 COP


The Forgotten Road Gravity Bike Tour ... 245,000 COP


The Jungle Adventure ... 540,000 COP


Mountain biking downhills ... 290,000 COP

Small Towns Day Trips ... Motorcycle 395,000 COP

SUV small town day trip ... email for quote please

Rafting two day expedition ... 900,000 COP

Cabalgata (horse back riding) ... 220,000 COP

call to action image
call to action image

Bundled Tours

The Forgotten Road + Coffee Tour ... 420,000 COP 


The Forgotten Road + Santa Fé de Antioquia ... 330,000 COP 

The Forgotten Road + Coffee Tour + Santa Fé de Antioquia ... 485,000 COP


Paragliding + ATV  1.5 hr .... 580,000 COP

Paragliding + ATV 3 hour ... 690,000 COP


Paragliding + Canyoning ... 635,000 COP  


Paragliding + The Forgotten Road ...460,000 COP


Paragliding + Rafting ... 540,000 COP


Paragliding + Rafting + ATV ... 880,000 COP 




Guatapé + Paragliding ... 330,000 COP 


Guatapé + Rafting ... 440,000 COP


Guatapé + ATV 1.5 hour ... 430,000 COP

Guatapé + ATV 3.0 hour ... 560,000 COP


Guatapé + Paragliding + ATV ... 600,000 COP

Guatapé + Paragliding + ATV 3 hr ... 630,000 COP


Guatapé + Paragliding + Rafting ... 625,000 COP


Guatapé + Rafting + ATV ... 665,000 COP   




Coffee Tour + Paragliding ... 335,000 COP 


Coffee Tour + Rafting ... 495,000 COP

Coffee Tour + Rafting + ATV ... 745,000 COP

Coffee Tour + The Forgotten Road gravity bike ride ... 420,000 COP

Coffee Tour + ATV ... 440,000 COP

Coffee Tour + Paragliding + ATV ... 710,000 COP

ATV 1.5 hr + Rafting ... 600,000 COP.


ATV 3 hr + Rafting ...... 710,000 COP. 

ATV 1.5 hr + Canyoning ... 520,000 COP.

ATV 3 hour + Canyoning ... 640,000 COP. 

Guajira Desert Expedition ... 2,720,000 COP.

Choose your activity, choose your tour, choose your bundle and get ready for a day of fun and adventure!

Acuerdo de confidencialidad y protección de datos corporativos .pdf

Aviso de privacidad .pdf

Registro autorización posterior -otros .pdf

Registro autorización previa .pdf

Unidos por la prevención de la Explotación Sexual Comercial de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes ESCNNA 


Guanabana Tours rejects exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and all forms of sexual abuse of minors and contributes to enforcement of law 1336 of 2009

Ley 1608 de 1978 

Regula la preservación, protección, conservación, restauración y fomento de la fauna silvestre


Guanabana Tours adheres to law 1608 of 1978 that regulates preservation, protection, conservation of wildlife and is against illegal wildlife trade

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