A village in the marshes far away from land.

May 13, 2019

We recently opened up a new tour to an amazing village of fishermen in the northeastern part of Colombia close to the coastal city of Santa Marta.


What is amazing about this fisherman's village is they live over water on houses built on stilts, miles from land in a 4000 square kilometre body of inland marsh called La Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta.


To get there we drove 3.5 hours north from Cartagena on a coastal rode with beautiful views of the Caribbean ocean and kilometers of beach. We drove past Barranquilla, an industrial port city that is the capital of the state of Atlántico and home to the world famous Carnaval de Barranquilla, population 1.3 million.


We stopped outside of the town of Ciénaga to board a fast boat that would take us to the town of Nueva Venecia. We navigated through mangroves and over open water, never leaving our amazement with all the variety of birds during the way, whole flocks of them taking off from the water as we rode pass or flying over our heads. The motor man and captain of the boat filled us in with all kinds of amazing and interesting information about the town of Nueva Venecia, but nothing prepared us for the beauty and magic of this lost village.


The town's economy revolves one hundred percent around fishing. They eat the fish and they also use the daily catch to barter with supply boats that come from the mainland bringing all types of essentials such as fuel, vegetables, batteries, clothes, toiletries, etc.


There's a school, a church, and of course a football field, (this is Colombia after all) and people mover around the "streets" on pole pushed canoes.


Not a smartphone in sight, and the children all play with real life toys.


There are over 500 homes built on stilts over the water, most of them painted bright, lively colours, and as we were told and could easily see, the villagers seemed to live peaceful, happy lives.


We are looking forward to visiting again and many times over the magical town of Nueva Venecia, even spend the night maybe, we were told that next time they would have the town's drum band waiting for us on canoes for a happy greeting, don't think twice, come and join us for this truly remarkable experience.





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